Premium branding & communications for beautiful brands.

-- About Us

-- About Us --

beautycrush brings passion and style, market knowledge and creativity together. Success is our mission. Impact in the marketplace, brand awareness and to make people bond with your brand is our daily business. beautycrush is an independant network of beauty and communcation experts located in the city of Hamburg.


Beauty & Lifestyle communications, campaigns, CI, Virals, Commercials, Socialmedia, POS, Web & more.


Based on beauty concepts and strategies by beautypunch Berlin we are developing communication concepts, organizing and supervise shoots, locations, photographers, models, postproduction and more. Always on budget or below.


Creation and production of Sales materials, POS, Promotions, consumer insights and more, based on strategies and concepts developed by our partners and friends beautypunch Berlin.


beautypunch: beauty concepts & strategies, scent development, design, packaging & more:

BuildingBrands Boie Baumann and C.C. Brandt: Websites, CI, CD, Campaigns, Commercials and more.


-- contact

-- contact --

  • For further informations, please donĀ“t hesitate to contact us.
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    +49(0)172 40 82 882
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    Kleine Johanisstrasse 9
    20457 Hamburg